She Loved Baseball Starred!

A Starred Review from School Library Journal

Vernick’s sprightly text and Tate’s vibrant illustrations combine 
in an appreciative tribute to the first woman to be inducted into the 
Baseball Hall of Fame.

Manley blazed a trail on two fronts: she fought  racial injustice throughout her life; and as coowner of the Newark Eagles, a Negro League team, she succeeded in a male-dominated field.
Growing up in the early 1900s, the biracial Manley often ran into
 discrimination and heard, “That’s just the way things are.” However, she organized boycotts and stood up for her rights and the rights of her
 players. Even after black ballplayers gained admission to the major
 leagues, Manley advocated on their behalf until the Hall of Fame began
 to induct and recognize “her players.”

This appreciative biography gently limns the spirited individual behind these accomplishments. At the ballpark, Manley chose to sit in the stands “where the seats vibrated from foot-stomping excitement,” and when the score was close, she peeked between her white-gloved fingers.

Both author and illustrator are on top of their games as they bring this inspiring story to life.”
–Marilyn Taniguchi, Beverly Hills Public Library, CA


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  1. PlebisPower says:

    The plug from BH caught my eye. Link your bookcover photo to an online retailer or to the book sales page.

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