Awards and Honors

‘Tis the season. The new class for the Baseball Hall of Fame was announced this week. On Monday morning, the big children’s book awards will be announced.  (Can’t-help-it gush: My favorite award shows, the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards, will both be televised this month.) It’s award time, boys and girls.

Mixed in with excitement for winners, I always feel the hurt of those not honored. Well, maybe not Raphael Palmeiro or Mark McGwire, but all the other ones whose names are repeatedly not selected. And those who write books that don’t reach the hands of the decision-making powers that be.

Barry Bonds(An aside about Palmeiro and McGwire. Am I the only one who noticed that the majority of no-neck big heads wore the number 25?)

But I digress.

As word leaks out on Monday from San Diego about the children’s books that were honored, I just want to say to the rest of you—GOOD JOB, WRITERS AND ILLUSTRATORS! Gold seals are lovely, but this year was so rich in high-quality children’s literature. I’m honored to be part of this world. And I am so, so happy that we children’s writers and illustrators resisted the urge to take performance-enhancing drugs to improve our game.


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