Road Trip!

When I was in Cooperstown in 2006, conducting research for the book that became SHE LOVED BASEBALL: THE EFFA MANLEY STORY, I hatched a plan.

It was my first time at the Baseball Hall of Fame, despite a long history of baseball fandom. Despite a family that shared my interest.

The plan: I would only write books that required research trips to Cooperstown. It was brilliant! I love writing baseball books! I loved being in Cooperstown, where you can’t find a place for lunch that doesn’t have ridiculous baseball names for every sandwich on the menu.

Ultimately, the plan didn’t work out so well because the Hall adapted to the changes in the world. Instead of researchers flocking to the A. Bartlett Giamatti Research Center, the Research Center started sending copies of resources, for a reasonable charge, to interested researchers. An awesome service to be sure, but it did absolutely nothing for my plan.

But now, at last, I have finally found my way back.


I’ve been invited to present a talk and sign copies of SHE LOVED BASEBALL at the Hall of Fame during Youth Baseball Week. Specifically, I’ll be there on Thursday, April 21. Lest you balk at the weekday factor, keep in mind that is spring break for most kids ’round these parts.

I’m inviting everyone I know to join me. Also invited: those of you I don’t yet know.

Hope to see you there.


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