She Loved Baseball

She Loved Baseball

She Loved Baseball: The Effa Manley Story

written by Audrey Vernick

illustrated by Don Tate

Published by HarperCollins Childrens

ISBN: 978-0061349201

Effa always loved baseball. As a young woman, she would go to Yankee Stadium just to see Babe Ruth’s mighty swing. But she never dreamed she would someday own a baseball team. Or be the first and only woman ever inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

From her childhood in Philadelphia to her groundbreaking role as business manager and owner of the Newark Eagles, Effa Manley always fought for what was right and she always swung for the fences.

R  E  V  I  E  W  S

School Library Journal (starred review)

Vernick’s sprightly text and Tate’s vibrant illustrations combine in an appreciative tribute to the first woman to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame … At the ballpark, Manley chose to sit in the stands “where the seats vibrated from foot-stomping excitement,” and when the score was close, she peeked between her white-gloved fingers. Both author and illustrator are on top of their games as they bring this inspiring story to life.


Vernick employs a matter-of-fact tone and highly descriptive, accessible language that not only provides a great deal of information but also captures both the essence of the era and Manley’s compassion and strength of character … readers will cheer.


Effa Manley may be a name only die-hard baseball fans recognize, but this sweeping picture-book biography will help change that. Vernick adds appeal to this straightforward biography with repetitive phrases that emphasize Manley’s activist spirit, while Tate’s slightly stylized acrylic paintings convey both the historical setting and the timeless excitement in the ballpark.

Pubishers Weekly

Tate’s energetic illustrations harmonize well with Vernick’s fresh and engaging text. History favors the individuals in the spotlight: here’s an entertaining portrait of a woman who made significant strides behind the scenes.

Interview with School Library Journal

October 19, 2010


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